Ascendancy Features

21 alien species, each with their own unique ability, evolutionary history, and the same original theme songs our incredible fans told us so many times they love. Note: you can hear from the speakers fine, but don’t forget the headphones when you feel like it.

Fully rotatable, zoomable Starmap giving you, the leader of your species, a cosmic overview of everything in your domain and your galaxy. Choose the star system you want to visit, tap on it, and go there.

Set game size to a smaller star cluster for a quick romp in outer space, or step up through larger options to choose a massive galaxy for an epic game. Because of the possible star lane branches, planetary clusters, alien species, gizmo combinations, and other settings, every game is different.

Discover faster-than-light star lane travel, and build your first ship to explore space and colonize new planets.  Then build your space fleet.

Research an expansive tree of knowledge to learn new technologies that help your colonies and your ships.

Turn-based ship and fleet combat occurring within star systems, with an enormous variety of new inventions and gizmos you get to discover, build, and refit onto your ships of varying sizes. Weapons and specialty gizmos have their own unique special effects and sounds, and can help you develop specialized strategies and subtle tactics in battle. But remember, you can let the auto-pilot handle battles for you whenever you feel like it.

You can also choose to set any number of your colonies to auto-manage, keeping those in key strategic locations under your direct control as you choose.

Detailed alien diplomacy, with the ability to trade various information, form alliances, declare war, ask for peace, and other subtle options that can help your cause.

Multiple ways to win, through careful diplomacy and peace, fast expansion of your domain, ruthless combat and war, or an array that spans several strategies. Combat is fun and sometimes unavoidable when faced with an aggressive species, but fighting is definitely not the only way to win.

Logic Factory remade this version of Ascendancy for mobile gaming to stay as true as possible to the original flavor our fans loved. From here Ascendancy will continue to advance and evolve.

For the free Ascendancy iBook, compatible with iPad only, please click the image:


Please stay tuned to the website as we will be making some changes and additions soon. Please feel free to send us an email any time with your questions and desires.

Q: Are you doing an Android version?

A: At this time the development team is totally focused on the iOS, and it may stay that way permanently. While we would love to see our games running on all viable platforms, we believe that right now we can maximize quality, originality, and beauty by staying solely focused on a single platform. However, we may explore the possibility of porting in the future once Ascendancy has reached its next stage of evolution.

Please stay tuned. And for all of you emailing us about an Android version, thanks so much for your interest. Keep in touch and check the website from time to time for updates. And if you do get a chance to try out the iOS version, let us know what you think!

Q: Are you going to make Ascendancy 2?

A: Yes. We are working on making sure the original Ascendancy continues to evolve, and we have several other new products to come. One of them will be Ascendancy 2. But we are committed to not making the mistake of talking about any new products or features too soon. Please stay tuned either here on the website, or click the Facebook “like” button below and we will post updates and new news whenever it makes sense.

Q: What’s new in the latest version?

A: Here are the most recent release notes:

Mini Update to Version 3

- A crash that was occurring on some devices is fixed.

- The Ship Design Library is now usable for refits, limited to designs of the same hull type.

- The Ship Design Library now indicates which designs will load with missing gizmos.

- Handling of low memory conditions has been improved.

- The game is now automatically saved every turn.

- A bug with grid position selection for ship movement in SystemView is fixed. It now works when the grid changes position due to zooming or panning of the view.

- The limits of panning in SystemView are now determined by the objects in each system, so it is always possible to move the view to include any object.

- Some rare bugs with ship movement have been fixed.

- A bug with target cycling that occasionally made an object difficult to select has been fixed.

- A bug has been fixed that required multiple touches of the help button to dismiss the initial help message in the Starmap.

- The size of the population growth icons in SystemView have been reduced, so other icons are more visible.

- A bug with the Ship Design Library button has been fixed.

- The visibility of the glowing buttons in Starmap View has been improved.

- The visibility of ship self-effects has been improved.

Version 3: Ship Design Library Update

- The Ship View has a new button that opens the Ship Design Library. The Library contains a variety of ship designs in different hull sizes. You can also save and load your own ship designs.

- The Starmap has a new information overlay that displays the resource production of each of your systems. Icons that represent quantity of each resource are emitted as cosmic time moves forward. This new information overlay is controlled by a new toggle button. Help-touching the toggle button provides more information on the icons.

- Ship designs in the library can be automatically adjusted to keep up with your technology, making any design you save useful no matter your stage of development. You can freely modify any design you load from the library.

- You are now warned when you have built all the ships your domain can support, and informed when you are able to build new ships.

- Buttons under the Starmap pulse to inform you of situations that need your attention. You’ll be warned by pulsing buttons when a planet is idle, when a ship is unused in orbit or creating hostility in a system inhabited by aliens, when research is idle, or when your species ability is ready to use.

- By tapping the screen repeatedly in the Starmap, in System View, or in Research View you are now able to cycle through targets near your finger.

- A new button in the Planet View allows you to go directly to the system that planet is in.

- A crash that could occur when meeting an alien species for the first time has been fixed.

- You are now able to select another ship as a movement target in System View.

- When moving ships to a position in space in a star system, the first tap now selects a position on the system grid rather than a position at the altitude of your ship.

- Many other interface improvements, bug fixes, crash fixes, and tweaks have been made.

- Much structural work and testing has been accomplished toward a major upgrade to alien AI. This ongoing overhaul accounts for about half the work done on this update.

Q:  Is the iPad version different from the iPhone/iPod Touch version?  Will it cost me more?

A:  Ascendancy is a Universal App: one download, one single payment, but it will recognize when it is running on an iPad and is tailored for it as well. So if you decide to buy Ascendancy and you have, or eventually get, both an iPhone and iPad, you won’t be paying twice. Please see the screenshots on the App Store in both the iPad and iPhone categories.

Q:  I have a problem or question not addressed here. What can I do?

A:  Please do not hesitate to send us an email: . We respond to every customer’s email individually. Because of this, there is occasionally a slight delay in getting back to you, but usually we respond in less than a day. We love hearing from long time fans and new ones. So please don’t hesitate to ask any question, make any comment, suggest any idea, or just say “hi.”

Q:  What was the inspiration for Ascendancy?

A:  All of us have loved science fiction and fantasy all our lives.  Many of us have read the fantastic books or watched some of the great shows that have explored the possibility of human contact with intelligent alien life. We do believe there is a high likelihood that among the many billions of stars and planets just in our own Milky Way, other life is out there. Some of humanity’s greatest thinkers believe that our future lies in the stars, and we agree. And it’s so much fun to think about. This is our own way of being part of that inevitable adventure.

It’s worth pointing out again that Ascendancy can be won in several different ways, some of which allow you to avoid combat and war, but not always easily. One thing many who have thought long about the subject have said over and over is that we can be sure we don’t know, may not even have the slightest clue, what will come. We hope that understanding is reflected in the variety and originality of the 21 different alien species in Ascendancy.

Q: Which species is that in the title screen and other art?

A: Those are the Chamachies, six legged reptilians. They are fascinated with technology and gadgets, and produce brilliant engineers and fleet captains. As a special ability they are determined researchers, which means they guard their knowledge jealously.

More questions?  Please feel free to email us at . Please note, in August, 2013 we’re revamping this website. Stay tuned.